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SBP Staff Notes contain articles on current economic and relevant banking issues in Pakistan to initiate debate on these issues among informed general public. The Staff Notes are not too technical or academic in natures, like the Working Papers or articles in SBP Research Bulletin.

It must be clearly understood that the views expressed in these Staff Notes are those of the author(s), and by no means a reflection of the views of the State Bank of Pakistan as an institution. The accuracy of the statements, findings, or analysis of the articles is the responsibility of the author(s).

Comments/feedback from the readers are welcome:

SN 04/16  Perspectives on Public Debt Sustainability

Asma Khalid

November, 2016
SN 03/16  The Relationship between Wholesale Price Index and Consumer Price Index

M Farooq Arby
Saghir Pervaiz Ghauri

November, 2016
SN 02/16  Quality and Effectiveness of Public Spending on Education in Pakistan
Fatima Khaliq
Waqas Ahmad
October, 2016
SN 01/16  Saving and Investment in Pakistan
Amjad Ali
January, 2016
SN 02/15  The PKR and Price-Setting Behavior
Dr. Mushtaq Khan
June, 2015
SN 01/15  Is the PKR Overvalued ?
Asma Khalid
May, 2015

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